I could've spent hours in the pixel warehouse and ghost chamber exhibits, I'm excited to delve into more of it

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Went through some of the Kid A Mnesia exhibit before my computer started getting Very distressed, I could spend hours walking through some of these exhibits but I need to upgrade my PC a bit first I think

Mental health talk, nsfw talk 

It's also brought back the ol' sex drive which is ... Also overwhelming but in a very different way 😵‍💫

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Mental health talk 

Readjusting to Wellbutrin over the last couple days has been a trip so far. I forgot that the main thing it does for me is make emotions unavoidable lol which is good!!! Really good in fact! But it also makes me feel overwhelmed and manic a lot... It isn't becoming a full blown manic episode like ADHD meds but it's definitely got me more irritable and impulsive. It's also made my mornings feel mighty slow and downer-like but I'm hoping this will all balance out in a week or so

Someone I've been friends with since elementary school posted this today and I need to find this if I'm in Philly anytime soon

Small joy of today is the person I'm now working with at my day job who told me all about their cat and how right now she's in trouble for knocking over their favorite Lego creation right as the cat slammed onto the doorbell they have for their room

Lord forgive me but tonight I think I wrote the horniest thing I've ever written

Eye contact, semi spicy selfie 

Feelin a touch of vanity; I love to be a hot gal with hot tits

Poetry talk, humors talk 

The working archetypes I've come up with are Sanguine, Somnulent, Supple, and Spunky and while I'll probably change it down the line I am very pleased with how they all flow.

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Poetry talk, humors talk 

It's like this;
Blood - they already nailed it with this one tbh, I only want to change the associations slightly and recontextualise it outside of some Romantic/Medieval sense of passion

Cerebrospinal Fluid - the original humors are too gut focused so I wanted to look beyond the digestive tract, while researching trepanation (for poems to clarify) I learned about CSF and see it as a liquid of connection but also delirium

Alveoli - Our lungs are the only organs where gases solids and liquids exist together, our alveoli exist like fruit and frogspawn in our bodies and I want to explore what that can mean

Cum - I want to be cheeky about this but genuinely I think of cum (gender neutral) as a good medium to explore abstractions of relationships and the closest a part of body gets to existing as a liminal object. A humor that exists as a verb.

These aren't the qualities/archetypes but more so why I chose the bodily fluids I chose

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Poetry talk, humors talk 

Revamping this collection I was working on and deciding I really want to run with this idea of poems framed around new humors and archetypes. I wrote out some archetypes for the four I chose (blood, CSF, alveoli, cum) and I want to ultimately have four poems for each one, based around different themes/archetypes.

I have a few already written that will fit perfectly and I mapped out some new poems today that could fit, I might revise the archetypes tomorrow after I rest on it; they need to be set in stone first before I sequence any poems though.

i kept seeing this terrible boomer tshirt on ads and was like 'you know with a little modification, that could be a great shirt for me, personally'

maybe its great for some of my brothers out there too

happy pride

Kink talk, spit talk 

Every so often I remember that gum that makes you like super salivate and think about how fun it must be to have someone chew a bunch of it then just tease their mouth with your hand and let all the spit drool down.

Among all of this is Eddie Kingston a man whose whole deal is that he is a violent and mean new yorker (redundant) and he wants to literally kill Chris Jericho, a man who was once a 00s cyberfreak and is now calling himself a wizard and setting people on fire

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There's a tag team that's canonically a boy and his dinosaur (kayfabe) and the boy is Luke Perry's son (not kayfabe)

They're called the Jurassic Express

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Wrestling rules there's a Bulgarian wrestler named Miro whose current gimmick is that G*d has forsaken him because he isn't a heroic enough wrestler. He has to claim victories over the heathens and win a title worthy of G*d or he can't go to heaven.

Another wrestlers current story is that he got his class action lawsuit dismissed by pinning all 20 plaintiffs in the ring at once.

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